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Fran has lived a life of constant reinvention, and now in her late 60’s, she’s proof you don’t ever have to stop reinventing and rewriting your life story.



 Bringing a wealth of knowledge, personal experiences, intuition, empathy, as well as humor, Fran coaches women to connect-the-dots, recognize and acknowledge their own unique gifts,  realize their next chapter, move past self-limiting beliefs, and ultimately create a life and work they love. 



Fran believes that there is nothing more soul destroying than that lingering feeling of knowing your potential and your dreams, only to be met by financial, emotional and strategic roadblocks. 


And so after years of trial and error, of being stuck and learning lessons in all areas of life, her passion is to help you reach your dreams much faster, smoother, and stress-free than she did.




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Fran Keogh