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Jess Baker has lived an adventurous life, one that has taken her all around the world and into the inner depths of her soul as she searched relentlessly for her inner truth and purpose in life.


She has uncovered her purpose of helping humanity to spiritually evolve and is doing so elegantly with her friendly and warm disposition by sharing her amazing story and helping people tap into their own inner truth and power.

She does this through the utilization of a combination of techniques developed by world leading scientists in positive psychology, coaching and spiritual leaders that she has spent many years studying and applying to her own life. Jess is someone who walks her talk.


In her book, This too shall Pass, my sensational experience with Chronic Fatigue, she inspires hope and optimism to the millions of people who have gone from living a full and active life to being confined to the physical body and having to learn a new way of life.



Jess offers a great balance of science and spirituality. She has a Bachelor of Science, a Diploma in Positive Psychology and is an accredited Strengths Profile Practitioner with CAPP (the centre of applied positive psychology). She is also a qualified Life Coach a Master Practitioner in NLP, trained in hypnosis and has studied and practiced meditation for a number of years.



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Listen to Jess during the Womanifest Miracles Virtual Summit, and hear her amazing testimonial about finding purpose and power even when dealing with chronic fatigue 






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Jess Baker