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Kris Talynn is a Certified Canfield Success Principles Trainer, Certified Professional Coach, Speaker and Corporate Trainer focused on teaching people specific, useful and impactful strategies to make the quantum leap from an ordinary today to an extraordinary tomorrow.



Kris teaches proven techniques used by thousand’s worldwide to take their lives and their businesses to the highest levels. She believes firmly in Stand up, Show up, Act up to Do, Be, and Have whatever in life you want.



Kris combines her 20+ years of Human Resources experience, a Master’s Degree in Adult Learning and Workplace Performance, and success coaching skills and techniques to deliver impactful, experiential, and interactive training and coaching that will deliver results.



Her signature LIFE SATISFIED™ and WORK SATISFIED™ systems provide step-by-step action plans to live the life you want and love the life you live.




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Kris Talynn