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Monica is the founder of Empowering Coaching and Parents of Teens Talk.



Monica has worked to overcome low self esteem issues as well as unhealthy attachments to the wrong men. As a divorced, single mother, she has struggled with feelings of despair and worthlessness, but she has also learned to pick herself back up from the depths of wishing life would end. She has become reborn into a healthier, more satisfying life, and she has learned to reparent her teenager in order to develop a healthier, happier, more functional relationship.



She now works as an Empowerment Coach specializing in helping other women overcome codependency issues so they, too, can have healthy personal relationships. She helps women who are strong on the outside but not necessarily on the inside -- by teaching them how to heal the from codependency created by inner child wounds.



She also helps Parents and Teens overcome conflict and so that they can achieve lifelong and trusting relationships





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Monica Werczberger