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Naomi Sodomin is the founder and CEO of Embrace The Mirror. She’s a Best Selling Author, Coach, Trainer, and Speaker.



For over 15 years as a Critical Care Nurse, Naomi created, managed, and grew a multi-million dollar Surgery Center. She launched a Networking downline with over 150 people, generating a multiple 6-figures distribution business. At the age of 20 Naomi successfully figured out how to master her Real Estate Investments to generate a net worth of over $650K.



Today, recovering corporate executives hire her to reinvent themselves, because most feel trapped in their career, they have corporate expectations and a corporate mindset that robs them of their freedom and finances.
So, she help them design a vibrant and thriving life and business.
Bottomline, the best way to leverage your expertise and experience is to create a powerful and profitable business.



Whether hearing her speak or reading her words, people are immediately engaged by Naomi’s experiences in and perspectives on creating a life of freedom, joy, and abundance and, of course, her beautiful accent.




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Naomi Sodamin